Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra

Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra is Chancellor of Shobhit University Meerut, and Shobhit University Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh, India and a prominent social entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India who carries leadership roles in many organizations and has been awarded several honorary positions and awards including Lions International Award for Selfless Service to Humanity.

Education and empowerment of the rural youth makes a central issue with all his commitments and activities. He takes skilling and educating youth as prime tools for empowering them with competency to lead a dignified social and personal life. Partly influenced by his ancestral examples of commitment to education and much largely by self-motivation, he volunteered to work full time with a not-for-profit philanthropic organization - NICE Society as a promoter member.

In the last two decades he has developed, along with his associates, a number of educational, social and health organizations in Northern India. He is presently engaged in developing new and alternative paradigms of skilling in the ecology of education and training.

Not satisfied with the current run of skilling as another sector akin to education and special training, he holds that the infrastructural, technical and academic advantages and stations of technical schools and centers of higher education in India would provide the most satisfying, economic and efficient eco-system for skilling, in that, he is a strong advocate of making vocational training and skilling of all dimensions to be a necessary part of the academic and professional institutions with new orientations in their syllabi, teaching systems and training.

He is also an advocate of health care for the rural population where public or private health facilities are not gone too deep in quality and numbers. He, through his family Trust has established a 100-bed Ayurveda hospital with a medical college in deep rural province of western Uttar Pradesh state. Geared to the idea of making enormous privately funded room for social entitlements, he plans to generate quality human resource in the area of traditional medical science and is working for the development of more Medical Institutions and centers for pre and postnatal care for mothers.

Kunwar Shekhar believes that none of the steps of empowerment of youth with education or skilling or health facilities or other entitlements mean much unless there is a reasonable measure of harmony and unity among the people. He is therefore actively engaged with many civil society organization working for peace, harmony and unity among people in the country. He is also an honorary Advisor of Gandhi International Peace Mission.