At a time when doubling farmer’s income by 2022 has become the catchphrase, the policy emphasis is only on the oft-beaten approach of boosting crop productivity, reducing the cost of cultivation, expanding the area under irrigation and providing a unified national agricultural market. Increasing crop productivity alone is a misleading yardstick in measuring agricultural growth and prosperity. Promotion of ancillary agriculture activities like beekeeping, aqua-farming, and piggery, to diversify farm income, is currently slow and needs strengthening. Interventions need to be expedited to make farmers prosperity a reality.

Inaugurated a National Conference on Policy Reforms to Access Skills for Agrarian Prosperity, under the theme: Doubling Farmers’ Income by 2022, with a focus on Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities in North Eastern Region States, organized by Shobhit University and ICCo, India. It was a pleasure to have H.E. Dr. Manoj Naradeo Singh, Secretary-General, African-Asian Rural Development Organization as Guest of Honor with us!

Event Photo